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Tele Communication Engineering brings the computer science and electrical engineering together in order to enhance its engineering. Communication is a diversified engineering field which is related with structural, electrical, civil, electronics engineering. The telecom engineers provide the telephone provide the method for customers to have high – speed data services. It helps the people who are closely working in political and social fields, as well accounting and project management. The media that is commonly used to wire the communication system is fiber optics, copper wires and coaxial cable. Telecommunications engineers use their technical expertise to also provide a range of services and engineering solutions revolving around wireless mode of communication and other information transfer, such as wireless telephony services, radio and satellite communications, internet and broadband technologies.

The Roles Of Telecommunication Engineering

TELECOM EQUIPMENT ENGINEER: A telecom engineer is basically an electric engineer who designs the routers, multiplexers, switches and the other electronic items which are used in the telecommunication network.

NETWORK ENGINEER: A computer engineer is a network engineer that maintains the computer networks. He oversees network operations from a network operations center, designs backbone infrastructure, or supervises interconnection a data center.

CENTRAL OFFICE ENGINEER: To design and oversee the implementation of the telecommunication equipment in the central office a central office engineer. The CO engineer is also responsible for providing more power, clocking, and alarm monitoring facilities if there are currently not enough available to support the new equipment being installed.

The Basic Elements Of Telecommunication Systems

TRANSMITTER: A transmitter takes the information and converts it into the transmission signals. It is an electronic device which with the help of antenna produce the radio waves. In addition to their broadcasting, transmitters are necessary component parts of many electronic devices that communicate by radio such as cell phones. The transmitter

TRANSMISSION MEDIUM: It is a medium through which the signals are transmitted. Many of the transmission mediums are used as the communication channel. The common medium used in networking is copper wires. Copper wires are used to carry the signals to the long distances.

RECEIVER: The receiver receives and converts the signal back to the required information. A radio receiver receives the radio waves and converts the information into usable form. It is used with the help of antenna. The information can be in the form of images, sound and data.

WIRED COMMUNIICATION: It uses the underground communication cables, electronic signal amplifiers inserted into connecting cables at specified points, and terminal apparatus of various types, depending on the type of wired communication.

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