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Finance is that business activity which is concerned with the acquisition and conversation of capital fund in meeting the financial needs and overall objectives of business enterprise. Finance is a major function of any business enterprise. Business finance may be defined as planning, raising, managing and controlling all the money used for capital funds of any kind used in connection with business. It deals with the arrangement of adequate amount of capital to achieve the objectives of the enterprise. No one can start a business or run an enterprise without adequate funds. Every business requires some money to start which is called initial capital. The amount of capital required depends upon the nature and size of business. A business enterprise needs finance at every stage. It must be available in adequate amount at a right time for smooth functioning of an enterprise. In short we can say that finance is the life blood of funds.

Methods Of Raising Finance

(1) Share: Share is the smallest unit in which owner’s capital of the company is divided. A share is the interest of the shareholder in the company measured by a sum of money for the purpose of liability and interest. A share may also be defined as a unit of measure of a shareholder’s interest in the company. According to the companies act, a public company can issue two types of shares: Equity Shares and Preference Shares. There are two types of equity shares: • Equity shares with equal rights • Equity shares with differential rights as so dividend

(2)Debentures & Bonds : Debentures are common securities issued under borrowed fund capital. Debentures are instruments for raising long term debt capital. Debentures are called creditor ship securities because debenture-holders are called creditors of a company. A debenture can be defined as “a document or a certificate” issued by a company under its seal as an acknowledgement of its debt. Holder of debenture certificate is called debenture holder. Four types of debenture are there: • Secured debentures • Unsecured debentures • Convertible debentures • Non-convertible debentures

(3) Retained Earnings: Retained debentured profits are also known as ploughing back to profit, retained earnings, self earnings or internal financing, reserves or surplus. Retained earnings refer to undistributed profits after payments of dividend and taxes. It provides the basis of growth and expansion of company. It is considered the most important source of finance, since it is internally generated; this method of financing is known as self financing.

(4) Public Deposits : Public deposits refer to unsecured deposits invited from the public. A company wishing to invite public deposits makes an advertisement in newspapers. Any member of the public can fill up the prescribed form and deposit the money with the company.

(5) Loan From Financial Institutions : Institutional finance refers to the finance raised from financial institutions other than commercial banks. These financial institutions act as a link between savers and investors. The term institutional finance generally includes: • Finance provided by Public financial institutions • Finance provided by Non-banking financial institutions • Finance provided by Investment trusts and Mutual funds

(6) Trade Credit : Trade credit refers to an arrangement whereby manufacture is granted credit from supplier of raw materials, inputs, spare parts etc. The suppliers allow their customers to pay their outstanding balance, with in a credit period. Generally the duration of trade credit is three to six months and thus it is short-term financing facility. The availability of trade credit depends upon: • Nature of firm • Size of firm • State or credit worthiness of the firm

(7) Lease Financing: Leasing is a contact between lessor and lessee, whereby the lessor permits the lessee to use the asset acquired by lessor in return of a payment called rent. Lessor is called the owner of the assets lessee hires the assets by paying rent. With leasing contract the lessee can use asset without investing high amount of fund for buying.

(8) Factoring: When goods are sold on credit the supplier generally draws bill of exchange upon customers who are required to accept the same. The term of bill exchange is generally for three months. Instead of holding the bill with them the supplier gets encashed before maturity date from the bank. The bank charges some interest on accepting the bill which is called discount and this process of encashing the bill of exchange before the maturity date is called discounting of bill.

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