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Understanding Geotechnical Engineering from Scratch To Solve Its Assignments

Geotechnical Engineering is a part of civil engineering which deals with the behavior of earth materials. It has also some topics related to military, petroleum and mining. Geotechnical engineering investigates the soil mechanics and rock mechanics. It gives us the knowledge about the physical and chemical properties of the materials of the earth. The geotechnical engineering began with the investigating of the soil, rock and fault distribution of bedrock over an area. Investigation also includes the earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, debris flows and rock falls. The geotechnical engineers also build embankments, tunnels, channels, reservoir and sanitary landfills. Geotechnical engineering also relates to the coastal and ocean engineering. The fields of geotechnical engineering and engineering geology are closely related to each other as geotechnical engineering is the specialty in engineering and engineering geology is the specialty in geology.

Investigation Time
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• First the investigation is done on the basis of the physical properties of the soil. It includes the surface and subsurface exploration. The engineers also check the working of the earth and the conditions of the ground of the earth. Sometimes the investigation is done for obtaining the data which helps in understanding how the earth works? Subsurface explorations are done in two ways standard penetration test and cone penetration test.

• The laboratory test also plays an important role in the exploration of the geology. Some samples are taken from the site by the engineers and are transferred to the laboratory for the experiments. Many of the experiments are done on the samples for finding out more and more things from it which will help the engineers to know how the earth works. Gadgets are used for manual investigation which helps the engineers to do the physical work on the sites.

• Water content measurements and grain size analyze is done by taking the samples from the site. Properties such as strength, stiffness and consolidation are measured by taking the samples. More advanced technology is used by the engineers like ground freezing but they are very expensive.

• Surface exploration includes geologic mapping, geophysical methods and photogrammetric and the engineers observe them by taking an overview of the ground field site. Geology mapping is done by the consultant of the geologist. Geophysical methods include the measurement of seismic waves and electromagnetic waves.

Offshore Geotechnical Engineering Assignment Help

Offshore geotechnical engineering refers to the geotechnical engineering which is away from the land. Oil platforms, artificial islands and submarine pipelines are some examples of the offshore geotechnical engineering. The offshore geotechnical engineering is more expensive than the geotechnical engineering as more money is spend on this engineering and it is very difficult to make sites above the sea. More work is done on the sea for making the sites above the sea and more labor is required which means spending of money in large quantity. Tension leg mooring systems have vertical tethers under tension providing large restoring moments in pitch and roll which is also very expensive method used for exploration of the earth.

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