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Understanding Mass Communication To Solve Its Assignments Perfectly

“Mass communication” the word is used to describe the study of information of computers or mass media. According to the academic study it provides the information to large segments of the population all at once. Mass media includes newspapers, radio transmission, television shows and films. Unlike journalism and related fields like public relations and advertising. It focuses on the methods of delivering the messages not on the delivery of messages. In today’s life internet plays a vital role in the life of human being and so as mass media takes place. They both depend on each other as without internet there is no mass media and without mass media there will be no use of internet. Discipline is also having an effect on the mass media as it focuses on the mass media of the population. The people who are graduated in mass communication works in the variety of sectors such as traditional media, public relations, research institutes and advertising. They are accredited by the ACCREDITED COUNCIL ON EDUCATION IN JOUNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATION (ACEJMC).

During the 20th century the growth in the sector of mass media took a great leap as it got support by the technology of internet. Both of them fully change the world with their new aspects of living life with the technology. Some of the names are used by the people for mass media during the 20th century like corporate media and mainstream media which also have an effect of spreading the mass media into the world of technology. Duplicacy and conspiracy also spread at this period of time but all these problems are solved by the members of the mass media society. Mass media have a great impact on the changing the life of the human being.

Some Of The Characteristics of Mass Media• Advocacy on the basis of business as well as social concerns.
• Journalism
• Increment in the sector of education
• Entertainment through movies, sports, newspapers etc.
• Public service announcements

Types Of Mass Media

(1) RADIO AND TELEVISION: The radio and television mass media types provide us the information about all the happenings in the world. They try their best to inform us about the environment in which we are living. They also support the channel of entertainment through which we never get bored. We can also see the things live over the television and since such a hectic schedule we sometimes get frustrated so at this time we can play games on it.

(2) IT’S FILM TIME: Films or movies give us the knowledge about the stories that happened with someone. It also sends some messages that we should definitely apply in our lives. It’s also a way of entertainment through which we can add joy and fun to our lives. We must watch the movies that give some kind of social message as through it we all will come to a point together and can walk with hand in hand with each other. With this all the citizens of the country can get the method of unity set in their minds.

(3) MAGAZINES AND NEWSPAPERS: Magazines and newspapers expand our knowledge of current affairs. In magazines and newspapers all the daily information is published and through it all the people get to know about the happenings in their society. They act as a link between the publishers and the commoners. They are distributed by the distributors to each and every citizen of the country. We also get to know about the daily crimes or inauguration through the magazines and newspapers.

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