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An Overview Of Statistics & How To Deal With Statistics Assignments

Even to a layman this should not to be a difficult question. If asked to define statistics, we can accept a layman to say that statistics is something like a store of quantitative information. Yes, it is true. Statistics means quantitative information or quantification of the facts and findings. Also, statistical information may be raw information. It needs to be classified, tabulated or it needs to be systematically presented. One must learn the system of presentation and classification of data. Also, there must be a set of methods and techniques to condense the data. May be, we find averages or percentages. And above all, there must be a set of methods and techniques on the analysis and interpretation of quantitative information. A student of economics has to study all these methods and techniques to understand and master the subject matter of statistics. Thus, unlike a layman, a student of economics cannot relax taking statistics just as a pool of quantitative information. Instead he is also to look into the methods or techniques relating to its collection, classification, presentation, analysis as well as interpretation. In view of such a vastness of the subject matter, statistics is defined both in singular and plural sense. Students are given statistics assignments to better understand this subject from scratch .Assignments given to the students help in brainstorming statistics subject .

Various Stages in Statistics

Collection Of Data : Collection of data means collecting the data in a good manner. They are collected on two bases primary and secondary. Primary data implies collection of data from its source of origin. It offers you first hand quantitative information relating to your statistical study. Secondary sources of data imply the collection of data from some agency which already happens to have collected the data through statistical surveys. It does not offer you first hand information relating to your statistical study. You are to rely on the information which already exists.

Organization Of Data: Organization of data refers to the arrangement of figures in such a form that comparison of the mass of similar data may be facilitated and further analysis may be possible. An important method of organization of the data is to distribute these in to different classes on the basis of their characteristics. This process is known as classification of data. It involves the conversion of raw data into statistical series in a manner such that some meaningful conclusions can be drawn out of them.

Presentation Of Data : The classification of data leads to the problem of presentation of data. The presentation of data means exhibition of the data in such a clear and attractive manner that these are easily understood and analyzed. There are many forms of presenting the data in which the three are the important ones: • Textual or Descriptive Presentation • Tabular Presentation • Diagrammatic Presentation

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